A look at the successes and influence of michael air jordan in the game of basketball

The man has his own line of underwear, for heaven's sake. You relay what Jerry Colangelo said the other day. He left the floor with a smirk and six fingers hoisted in the air.

We couldn't stomach charting millions of hours of games, okay? Bill Schmidt can actually laugh about it now, but the Gatorade marketing executive nearly committed a flagrant foul on Jordan's endorsement career seven years ago.

SportsOneSource, a company specializting in tracking retail trends concerning the sports market, stated that: This is evidence that Jordan is very profitable for his commercial partners and vice versa.

Michael earned his fourth and fifth regular season MVP awards in andrespectively. That's when I knew I made it. People like … them? He does allow this much: We are in an era of players who can claim ignorance of Michael Jordan and be excused for it. As is the simple fact that at 6-foot-6, he's a person of relatively normal stature--not one of those mastodons who play center, but Everyman.

There is also no arguing that Jordan has built on the achievements of some great players before him, particularly Julius Erving, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and the others who ignited the league's turnaround in the s. Apple is still 21 years and 18 iPhone models from being where Jordan is with its signature sneaker.

You tell them what Rod Thorn, the general manager of the Bulls, said right after drafting him: This type of interdependence has had great meaning for athletes and hence personal sports brands Carter and Rovell, ; Gladden and Milne, ; Boone et al.

He must be thrilled to know that only his body is getting old. In a world where so many people are satisfied with themselves, the 6-foot-6 Jordan was always pushing, pushing, pushing, both himself and his teammates.

Call him the very best basketball player who ever lived, and no one puts up much of a fuss anymore: The ability to unapologetically stay true to its roots as one of the world's true "urban" brands it has never distanced itself from the urban and city-driven consumer base while also advancing technology and still making performance the principal focus of design might be the single greatest asset Jordan has as a brand.

Michael Jordan

Oakley, the sunglasses maker, has Jordan as a board member. Many other companies have tried to match this standard of excellence, but not many -- if any -- have been able to sustain it for a similar amount of time.

Not surprisingly, Jordan will probably focus on the sneaker and apparel businesses when he leaves basketball. It was publicity gold. We know, we know. He said back in October that could be his final season, and as the Bulls battled the stubborn Indiana Pacers late last month in the Eastern Conference finals, the notion of basketball without Michael Jordan loomed larger than it has since, ah, that baseball thing a while back.

Getty Images According to the National Vital Statistics Report, there werebirths in the United States in May ofand they officially represented the dawn of a generation too late to catch Michael Jordan.

What is his impact on the economy? There's no drama or intensity or surprise. We manage him as if he were a brand. He has traveled to the Caribbean, all over Europe and to West Africa, and he said he "never went one place and didn't see something I designed.

He beat a lot of them, drew respect from all of them, and left an unforgettable impression on everyone inside of basketball and out. Marketing experts say celebrity endorsers can do any of three things for a company: To settle on a reasonable multiple, we used a formula similar to one used by companies looking to determine the value of intangible assets: Jordan also added, "Tinker was able to do what he did because of what I did on the court.

Basically, that Jordan is the NBA's Pied Piper--he puts fannies in the seats and in front of the tube, and drags them into stores around the world. We granted Jordan the same percentage of gross retail sales for the years he played in since but smaller percentages for his first five seasons.

Five championship rings, five MVP trophies, a record ten scoring titles--yeah, he's got more game than anybody. Davis wouldn't know about that epic Game 6 performance, at least not intimately.

With the sunglasses industry struggling, Oakley hasn't exactly reaped huge dividends from its relationship with Jordan. America had to have 'em.It's been 15 years since his last NBA game, yet Michael Jordan still carries an unmatched mystique in the eyes of players and fans.

Simply put, MJ is the epitome of cool. In addition to his role as a record-setting basketball player, Michael Jordan established the Jordan brand, which features a variety of athletic wear including the famous line of Air Jordan shoes.

Legends profile: Michael Jordan

Jordan frequently gives back to the community through donations to Habitat for Humanity and the Boys and Girls Club he established in Chicago in honor.

The guy on the court is the Michael Jordan who, in a game some thought might be his last in Madison Square Garden, drove the baseline, did a one-eighty in midair, then flipped the ball backward. A basketball shoe revolution began in with Nike’s explosively popular Air Jordan product line, and it was driven by an odd combination of the NBA’s “ban” on the shoes, Michael Jordan.

According to Forbes, Michael Jordan is still earning $60 million annually off his shoe sales. Back in the late '80s and early '90s, Nike's "Air Jordan" shoe line vaulted into an unprecedented level for a sports brand.

Spike Lee directed Jordan's Nike commercials using the "It's gotta be the shoes" slogan, and the spots became era-defining. Jordan wasn't born a star, the player of whom Larry Bird said, "It's just God disguised as Michael Jordan." Jordan couldn't even make the varsity as a sophomore at Laney High School in Wilmington.

A look at the successes and influence of michael air jordan in the game of basketball
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